A Very Sushi Day: Spicing Up Your Wedding With A Different Cuisine


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“Excuse me” she spurted as rice grains rained from her parted lips and her chopsticks clattered onto her plate. “Wasabi down the wrong tube,” she managed. Few people could make choking on sushi as graceful as my friend as she taste tested careering for her upcoming wedding. She had asked me to accompany her as she toured the Dallas dining scene which I had no problem with. What’s better, my friend favors exotic foreign flavors, so each stop was an exciting adventure. We had spent the morning taste testing various restaurants around Dallas and we had a long day of chowing down ahead of us. That is, until the sushi from Oishii stopped us in our tracks. From the moment the first roll touched her lips she knew that it was the winner. “It’s like when I met my finance for the first time,” she said, “this is love at first bite.” She wasn’t kidding. None of the plethora of cuisines we had previously sampled even compared to the pan-asian cuisine we were experiencing. We ordered platter after platter of diverse rolls, from spicy to sweet, squishy to crunchy. My friend showed her adventurous side by ordering the spiciest sushi on the menu and then topping it off with dollops of wasabi which she consumed ever so gracefully. Since then, we’ve gone back several times and gotten to know the menu well. I recommend the Chef’s Special, california roll with fried tuna and topped with barbecue eel, and the G Roll, which distills the essence of a gangsta into a tidy roll (bottom picture). You won’t be disappointed with any order though; Oishii is a triumphant example of the creative twists that Dallas is known for.