A Very Special Family


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I was lost in thought on the bus one day when I received a serendipitous phone call that changed the course of my entire summer. “Hello?” I answered. “Hi” a voice answered, “this is Richard McClure with A Very Special Day.” From that moment my summer went from being hot and lazy to hot and bustling as I immersed myself into the DFW wedding industry as a marketing intern. Three months later I find myself at the end of the road, my internship drawn to a close. It is with a heavy heart but happy memories that I reflect on my summer with this very special family.
IMG_5024From swishing miniature basketballs every morning to bubbling in a spa hot tub one evening, we’ve become an indivisible family. As you can see, sass is almost leaking from our pores: we take miniature basketball VERY seriously. On the court we are ferocious competitors of the highest caliber, but off the court we are a jolly group of wedding enthusiasts.
IMG_5023As with any family, there are often petty disagreements that pit us against one another. Here, someone has clearly eaten all the snacks and instigated a riot. Maybe it’s because he has trouble finding filling meals that remain within the bounds of his gluten free diet, just saying.
IMG_5026But at the end of the day we put our differences (and dietary restrictions) aside and come together to form this very special family. There’s no group that I’d rather ball, blog, and chill with. Thanks for a great summer internship A Very Special Day!