A Very Special Monday


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My average Monday begins with repeatedly mashing the snooze button, guzzling bitter coffee, cursing the weekday to weekend ratio, and more caffeine consumption. This Monday was anything but average however. Not only did I not consume a single molecule of caffeine, I also met a new coworker whose surprising talent made my Monday blues melt away. All it took was spontaneously raving with a new office acquaintance to cheer me up on that most loathed of days. But more on that later…first, a little back story.


If you’ve ever called A Very Special Day, you’ve probably spoken to our lead saleslady, Jennifer. She’s charismatic, absolutely gorgeous, and killer at closing a deal. Still, single-handedly managing all of our sales for the past few weeks has been stressful so she hired a new sales associate, Suzanne. We met on Monday morning, were friends by lunch, and by Monday afternoon she had won my heart with a unique serenade. I was already on the edge of my seat watching a bridal video when a thumping bass shook me from the chair. My EDM senses started to tingle as the rhythmic reverberations reached me from the next room. Looking like a deer in the headlights, I peaked my head around the corner to see Suzanne channeling her inner Deadmau5. Over her head towered two speakers, near her feet sat a subwoofer, and at her fingertips a blinking array of mixers and turntables awaited her commands. She deftly turned nobs and twisted dials with robotic precision, sending us into fits of frenzied dancing. As it turns out, Suzann is a cyborg from the future, programmed to terminate our boredom and renew our faith in Mondays.


Instead of mashing my snooze button this Monday, Suzanne mashed songs together and spun me right round baby, right round. Like waking up an hour early and drifting back to dreamland, Suzanne’s unexpected hour of trap, dub, and dance was a pleasant surprise. After all, it’s not every day that you hire a sales associate and get an in-house DJ thrown into the mix.